Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to make money with CashCrate

Are you looking for a nice place to get some money? Then try out Cashcrate. Cashcrate is a GPT website that has been around since 2006. They pay you for completing offers, filling out surveys, checking in everyday, watching videos, and even shopping! When you sign up after putting in all true information, you can start filling out offers, filling surveys, or watching videos (Also make sure to check in). Look at an offer that interests you, and do what it tells you.

After you finish the offer, submit it and wait for it to confirm. Make you clear your cookies after every offer, too. You can also fill out surveys. They have many daily surveys that you can do that ranges from $.50 to $1 each. Make sure you put in true information, and the survey should confirm in 24 hours. If for whatever reason you don’t qualify for the survey, you can try again until you qualify for a survey. Cashcrate also has paid videos. You go to the videos tab, and fill out your interests. After filling it out, they will give you a list of videos, and how much money you will earn from watching it.

Most of the videos are from $.02 to $0.05 each, and usually has a special offer. It does not seem like much, but it will add up. While watching the video, they will have two numbers that flash by. At the end, they will ask you to type the two numbers. If you get it wrong, you may still get the offer, but you will have to watch the video again for the money. If you are big on shopping, Cashcrate also has a cash back system when you shop at select shops. They can range from 2% to about 15% back. First, you go to their list of shops. Some of them include iTunes, Walmart, and Foot Locker. Then you click on the shop that you cash back on. It will take you to the website, and you just shop normally. Then you should get your cash back credited in your Cashcrate account within a month. Besides making money on their main website, also make sure to check out their forum.

The moderators are extremely friendly and it’s always nice to talk to people. Besides, talking with people, Cashcrate also has many monthly contests in their forum. They can be captioning contests, getting referrals, completing as many offers as possible, or maybe even a dress up contest. The grand prize can be up to $100! Once you get to $20, they will send you a check on the 15th of the month. If you don’t get $20, your money will roll over to the next month. So, you are you waiting for? Sign up for Cashcrate now!
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