Friday, April 22, 2011

The Advantages of Working from Home

In today's troubled financial climate, it is difficult enough to find a job anywhere. Then, when you do eventually find one, if you are travelling any real distance the travel costs (be it due to rising train and bus fares or the increase in petrol prices) work to take a small but significant chunk from your earnings. This, combined with a multitude of other reasons, makes working from home a viable alternative, and more plausible an alternative than you'd think. Especially if you have internet access (although even if you don’t, there are possibilities as explored below).

As with everything else, the internet has changed the workings of the job market too as employers and big businesses have had to move with the times. There are many websites devoted to pointing out jobs you can do from the comfort of ones home. There will also be the occasional opportunity appearing in the actual job centre, but these are few and far between. There are “work from home” vacations to suit every skill and preference, from telephone consultancy (and other technical consultancy vocations) to freelance web content writer to mortgage underwriter, and that’s just after a brief cursory glance of the above link. As with any job, there are varying skill levels requiring different qualifications and levels of experience but working from home making use of the internet and/or the telephone is definitely a viable option for you.

There is also the added bonus of the enhanced levels of flexibility in work hours given by jobs done from the home (admittedly this is partly down to necessity). A dedicated worker with good time management skills? This is the perfect opportunity for you (it is also very difficult for traffic jams to make you late to your own house). If you are running your own business, then take note of this. While you are probably already working from home some of the time, taking on employees to work from home can cut costs attributed to various aspects of keeping the premises open, and cutting health insurance costs almost completely. There could be all sorts of reasons to work from home, ranging from the medical (mobility issues and social anxiety disorders) to the practical (cutting travel costs or needing to keep an eye on small children).

The reason you choose to work from home is unimportant, as if you are a dedicated, hard working individual with good earning capabilities then your workplace is pretty much irrelevant. The levels of people choosing to work from home, be it part time or full time, are on the increase so strike now while the iron is hot. New opportunities are opening up every second. Back to top