Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just another scam

Watch out for this or you will be put behind bars!!!


  First and foremost, we would kindly like to convey our deep greetings to you and your relatives and hope you all good condition and happiness and more success in business. Our Worldwide Company is looking for new employees on various vacancies. We are already for a long time in the market and now we employ employees to work from home.
  LWK Mail Company is the leader in package and mail forwarding. Serving our customers since 2002, LWK Mail Company has extensive experience in properly servicing international consumers, businesses and expatriates.
We would like to offer you an easy home-based work, that guarantees the extra-income to your family budget.
   Each of us once considers working from home.
We do this for different reasons: looking for additional sources of income, impossibility to work full-time, desire to have more free time for your hobbies without losing your income.

If you decided to look for a job from home, you will naturally ask yourself a question: Why should I work with your company?

- because this is the only offer on the work-at-home services market which guarantees real income and pays money on time

- because we will never require a cent from you for becoming a part of our team

- you can combine our work with your full-time job

- it does not take more than an hour or two a day

- it is very quick and easy to get a job (it takes no more than an hour)

- no costly education

- no investments in buying expensive materials or equipment

We offer only what we can do.

LWK Mail Company  receives packages on behalf of our customers and then we consolidate the merchandise, repack, and ship the merchandise to our customers overseas. We also prepare all of the necessary customs paperwork for each shipment.

Our customers have complete control over the entire package forwarding process. Inbound shipments are immediately logged into our online database and our customers are notified of the arrival via e-mail. Our customers are able to view their received merchandise and schedule shipments through a personalized web page at any time, day or night.
We proudly service approximately 7,000 customers worldwide and processes over 14,000 packages each month.

   We guarantee the prompt delivery of your salary to you!
The idea of your work is to receive merchandise ordered by our customers.
Your participation requires:
- accepting packages shipped to the address you provide in the employment agreement (Our manager assigned to work with you will inform you of each expected parcel in advance (via e-mail))
- receiving the necessary information, such as tracking number, courier service name, name of our customer who ordered the item online, etc.
- notifying the manager assigned to work with you about packages delivery (whenever necessary, you will measure the parcel dimensions and weight.);
- sticking labels and invoices, that we will send to you in advance, to each individual package box.
- bringing that box to the courier service the manager has specified (USPS, UPS, FedEx.)
On our part :
- we will take care of all shipping fees - you will not have to pay for anything;
- you will receive shipping labels completely prepaid;
- your salary will be $32.00(For the box that weighs over 40 lbs, your payment will be $45) for each received and forwarded parcel, i.e. you can actually name $450-$1300 per week with no investments whatsoever! As you continue to work with us, we are going to raise your
salary per parcel, so you will be able to make even more.

  International shoppers can directly buy American products - electronics, computer, apparel, DVDs, magazine subscriptions, music, tools & hardware, software, sports & outdoors goods, toys & games, antiques, art, baby related items, books, health & beauty products, musical instruments, cameras, auto accessories and parts, collectibles, and other items that are available only in the US, whether through Amazon.com

, eBay, on-line retailers or wholesalers.

   Please keep in mind that this is a home-based work, which doesn't  require any special skills, effort or knowledge - simply carefully follow the instructions.
The salary is paid each twenty business days. As with any company that values its employees and cares for them, besides the firm income we will offer you great career opportunities!

- Wire transfer to your banking account or check (preferred method);
- Direct debit to your bank account;
- Paypal transfer (http://www.paypal.com

(preferred method) - The fastest way to recieve payments from us - You should have a verified Paypal account.

 We also try to widen the circle of people who find working with us convenient.

 It may seem to you that everything is very easy and it will suit anyone who wants to find a well-paid job to work from home which takes just a few hours of your time a day, but there are requirements you should meet to become a part of our team:

- have users computer skills
- have Internet access
- be able to work with electronic correspondence
- work with printed materials
- be organized and motivated
- perform the tasks scheduled on time

 If you are sure you meet the requirements, have the necessary skills and are looking forward to get this well-paid job and work from home just a few hours a day,and become a part of our team,all you have to do now is to get started and become the part of our global company you only will have to sign an employment agreement.After you fill and sign the printed agreement, scan it and send to our e-mail.


Mailing Address: LWKCompany@yahoo.com

LWK Mail Company

121 South Orange Avenue
Suite 1400
Orlando, Florida 32801
United States

Fax: +1(708)575-5491
Direct general questions or comments about our services to:
 E-mail: LarryTinerLWK@yahoo.com

 Thank you for your time that you have spent for us! We hope to see you among the happy and wealthy people cooperating with us - people who are in control of their income and who don't spend much time on it!

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