Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The best and worst of working from home

When I first took the job of writing about the advantages and disadvantages of having a job that not involve going to a certain place, such an office, or maybe a factory, I realized that I am capable, because in fact that is what I do for a living, and because it is a very well known subject for me, I decided to expose the good things that made me took a "home" job.

The main advantage is that you sit in the comfort of your home, relaxed, maybe in your favorite chair, doing something that you enjoy, without stressful machines, noise, without arrogant colleagues or unbearable bosses. This thing leads to another pro because, once you are in your own territory you are more focused, you work more carefully, and your productivity increases, because of your very good state of mind. The idea of working late in a small office with hundreds of papers stashed on your desk, with no air to breath and a small narrow window through you can't get sufficient sunlight, just makes me say:"Ok, that's it, I quit!".

When you struggle to earn a decent paycheck you are willing to let behind some inconvenient aspects which your employer isn't interested to improve, because you are below him and you need to know that. This is, in my opinion, the biggest disadvantage in the fact of being an employee, you are not your boss, your just a piece in the mechanism, a piece that sometimes doesn't want to be there, or maybe sometimes it needs to be “oiled”, but it all remains at the mercy of the mechanic. For an employer there are financial advantages, because once his employees are working from home they reduce the necessary costs and optimized the profits.

 For the employee the advantage of not going to work every day also decreases the costs for travelling between home and office and this aspect also give him the possibility of saving some precious time. For some kind of people working from home can be a very big inconvenient, because they can’t concentrate without office’s atmosphere, and they tend to relax a little too much and stop improving their work. For this category, working in an office can be for them a relief, because of the socializing environment, which is like oxygen for them, pushing them from behind.

The decision of working from home need first to be very well considered by the employer, and also by the employee, because this has many implications in many fields, such as in productivity, deadlines, psychic, and in relations with other co-workers. So it all depends on what do you think that is more common and appropriate for your type of job.
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