Friday, May 6, 2011

How to keep your children occupied while you work at home?

The dog is barking, the kids are hanging around your home office wanting to know what they can do, and you’re unable to concentrate on that work assignment that is due tomorrow. What are you to do to get things under control? Well, it is fairly easy to put the dog outside, but it might not be so easy to come up with a solution for occupying the children.

One might imagine that suggesting a good book might work, but that is only possible if the children know how to read. Even an older child may not be interested in that sort of activity. Armed with a roll of tape, a pair of scissors, some blank paper and a stack of magazines that are headed to the recycling bin, children can cut pictures and words to create their own book. Often children can be entertained with board games, but maybe they have grown tired of those games that have been played over and over again. Introducing children of today to some of the ‘ancient games’ from Grandmother’s day might provide the perfect solution for something new and different. Even drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, can be modernized by using glow in the dark chalk available today.

Think how excited they will be when they go outside in the evening to view their masterpieces aglow. Better yet, why not install a large chalkboard in their room where they can draw a mural. Taking out a box of toothpicks and teaching them to play the old game of pick-up sticks can be equally new and entertaining for most children. Jig-saw puzzles can be challenging and provide hours of fun for younger or older children alike. Building a tent from bed linens or blankets placed over chairs in the dining room can provide a fort for children’s adventures. Sometimes, something as simple as a scavenger or treasure hunt in the house can provide just the touch of adventure that is needed to keep them occupied. If the children are older, you can supply the camcorder to make a video story. Or let them shoot photos for a book that you can have published later, as a keepsake. They could plan party ideas for their next birthday. Have them list what party favors, decorations, type of cake, and games to play. They could plan a makeover of their room, sketching and listing ideas and gathering photos and suggestions from magazines.

 The key is to give the children original or new suggestions that spur activity and creativity. Taking on activities that are different, yet exciting can provide them with a new interest in activities that will keep them entertained, challenged and quiet, while you get your work finished.
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