Tuesday, May 10, 2011


About Onward Search

Onward Search is a leading internet marketing company that helps clients fined the best resolution for their company. Onward Search strives to be the upmost professional marketing companies that have the best team leaders that give their clients the best solution to get the job done well. Onward Search has a good reputation in helping companies become more successful then what they are.

Job Description

Working with Onward Search has aspired many people by giving them the opportunity to become successful and having the passion of being professional in their work. Onward Search has a great team member that help support them company and keep the company going.

At this time, Onward Search is looking for Proofreaders and Copywriters to join their team. Working from home with Onward Search you will be writing for catalogs, advertising, and more. You will be working with good team members that like to help and support the company and would like to have others join.

Here are the requirements for the position:
Onward Search is looking for people who are motivated and likes to get the job done. You must have experience in writing with catalog, advertising, mailing, and copy for websites.

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