Thursday, May 12, 2011


Businesses you can start from your home and enjoy successful self-employment beyond your wildest dreams.

1.        Make and Sell A Food Product:
Paul Newman did it and made millions.  Why should you not do the same?  If you have a favorite recipe and people are continually tell you “you should market that” then what’s holding you back?  There are a few restrictions such as a food handler’s license that could restrict your
 at home production but beyond that there is no reason at all that you should not pursue your passion for food.
Here’s the recipe for your food product success:

Find a product that you have a passion for such as a sauce that you’ve developed, a drink that can be simply bottled or anything else that you can package.

Once you’ve established the product the next step is to find a way to produce this product quickly and simply in your own home.  A simple cocktail mix can be prepared on your stove, bottled, labeled and stored until your first sale. 

Perhaps you’ve discovered a way to freeze dry a product that could be marketed.  Run with it.  The possibilities are endless.  Simply use your imagination to fuel your success.

2.       Arts and Craft Sales:
Thousands of people each day create arts and craft that are sold online and in local shops, flea markets, fairs and garage sales.  If you have a talent for making jewelry, art, photographs, making baskets, figurines or even restoring old furniture you could be sitting on a gold mine.  Even local catalog owners would enjoy presenting your wares for a small cut of the profits.  The marketplace is wide open for hand crafted articles.  If you’ve ever considered selling what you make then you should go for it.  Who knows how much you could earn in a very short time.

Get out your paper, scissors, glue and anything else you might use to create your masterpiece and get going. 
If you doubt that there is a huge market you should go online to the web site   It is a site built specifically for people that have hand crafted article to sell.  It’s a great site and you’ll enjoy your visit.  The owner has become a multi-millionaire in a very short time by providing this specialty service.

3.       Bed and Breakfast Business:
Okay, your kids are grown and you now live in a home that has more room than you know what to do with.  How about taking advantage of that situation by starting a bed and breakfast business?  It’s quite simple to do and with an inexpensive license you can be up and running in no time at all.  So how much space do you have available?  Are you able to cook a simple breakfast for more than just a couple of people?  Are you outgoing and friendly?  If the answer to those questions is yes then you are on the doorstep to success in your new bed and breakfast business.  A few simple business cards and some flyers posted in your local stores could get you up and running quickly and inexpensively.  Satisfied customers will return time and time again when they discover your fine cuisine and that homey atmosphere you provide.  They’ll also share their experience with their friends and neighbors so your business could take off and maybe, just maybe you’ll be able to quit that day time job you hate and focus on your own business helping people enjoy their vacations.

Additionally you could add a service that guides people through the interesting sites in your community.  A little extra time is involved with this part of the venture but what the heck, the sheets are changed and laundered, the breakfast dishes done and you have nothing else to do for the rest of the day.  You might as well see the wonder in the eyes of your visitors as they discover the golden nuggets in your area.
Come on, it will be fun.  Give it a try.

4.       Plant Service:
I have a green thumb.  There’s nothing I love more than to take a sick and dying plant and save its life.  To see a plant recover to its former glory is just so rewarding.  You could do this too.  If you are blessed with a green thumb and don’t mind taking a few minutes out of your busy day to love and care for plants, this could be your road to riches. 

Companies pay big bucks for people to come into their establishments on a regular basis to have their plants cared for.  You don’t have to be the one to care for them on a weekly basis but you could.  Additionally you could offer to “save” the plants that aren’t doing so well.  I don’t know of anyone offering this service and really don’t know why it doesn’t seem to exist.  Plant stores could also use your help saving their inventory (plants) and would happily pay you for this service.  They paid a lot of money to buy the product and to see it die before their eyes only means that they are losing money.  Sounds like a great business to me.  How does it sound to you?

Materials you might use in your venture are inexpensive.  They would include a basic gardening kit which could cost as little as $10.00. Then you need some pots into which you will transplant the poor plants that need rescuing (I’ve found pots for as little as $3.49.)  A little potting soil such as Miracle Grow (about $5.00) makes saving plants almost guaranteed as you watch the new plants sprout into healthy displays of God’s creation.

5.       Move-In Service:
This business can be a little demanding but well worth the effort.  And I have a secret; you don’t have to do the work!

The last time I moved I was stressing out over the fact that I had so much to move and no help.  I simply could not do the heavy lifting and packing that was involved.  I called some local movers and found that they charged an average of $85.00 per hour, per worker.  No Way!  So, after a little more research, I found that local college students were always looking for extra income but didn’t have time to work full-time because of their studies etc.  I checked with the local community college and found that they would allow me to post a “help wanted” ad on their online bulletin board and on their on-site boards.  I listed exactly what I needed done and what price I was willing to pay ($10.00 per hour, per person I thought was reasonable) and after posting this information I was swamped with offers to help. 

You could do this too.  You don’t have to be the one moving.  People all over your community need moving services and with today’s economy in the dumps you can rest assured of a constant source of people needing your service.  It’s inexpensive to start and could be very lucrative to you as a new business owner.

Well there you have it.  Ideas that won’t make you rich overnight… no business can do that and if they say you can I only have one word for you:  RUN!  All they want is your money and care nothing about you.
I hope these simple ideas have helped.  There are hundreds of other small businesses you can start and work from the comfort of your own home.  So, take a good dose of “get off your butt ambition” and get going.  Success is right around the corner.
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